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“Every generation of Americans need to know that freedom exist not to do what you like but, having the right to do what you aught.” - Jim Caviezel

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 ​ I’m a follower of Christ who studies Christian leadership principles from the bible and other leaders with fruit on the tree. I have two years of leadership training from The San Francisco VA Medical Center and four years of leadership training and community building experience from LIFE Leadership.  That's a company made up of groups and teams of people who purposely work on themselves to live more principled lives. They've help me and others to do the same as they have done, learning to stop being continually lead around by our circumstances. Last year I read and studied for the most part 14 leadership and christian books. That's probably a quarter of what I read the two years prior. At present I'm reading, Disciplines of a Godly Man, by R. Kent Hughes, Jesus Christ: The Real Story, by the United Church of God and Family Shepherds’, by Voddie Baucham Jr., Author of Family Driven Faith.

  People often ask me how I find time to read so much. Truth be told I'm not really reading a lot. One of my mentor averages two books a week!  As to time, I try to make it a point to read 15 minutes a day. My mentors taught us to set goals to read of a book a mouth, at 15 minutes a day. Do this and you can read most any book in 30 days. I take public transportation so that makes it easier for me to get reading time in. Two of the books I'm reading are on my iPhone kindle app. So if I'm a bus or train in line or waiting in the doc office, I wind up sometimes reading an hour that day! As to reading more than one book at a time, sometimes you get bored with the author so I pick up a different book. Like now I started the audio book Pilgrims Progress, by John Bunyan and narrated by Max McLean and tried to read along form the book. That didn't work to for me. 

  Okay, so what have I learned you ask? The two most important things that I've learn is to live a less self centered life and not to be afraid of living life the way God intended. The this I will continue to learn because its the hardest because it all depends on  is how to better deal with people. Everyone wants to be treated well, but not many want to treat others as they themselves want to be treated.  I've been taught by my mentors that the attitude I project is the one that I'll get. Go into the office with a preconceived negative attitude because of what went on yesterday, then that is exactly what I'm going to get back. Growing and changing are not easy thing to do. You really have to want too. Honestly, I’ve probably live out less than 20% of what I learned over the past three years but it took me some 50 plus years to become the unfulfilled jerk of a person that I still sometimes can be. I'm still a work in progress but who's not afraid to put in the work.

Robert Dwight Le'Troy Andrews



When You would guide me,

I take control myself.
When You would be sovereign,

I rule myself.
When I should depend on Your provision, I supply myself.

When I should submit to Your providence, I follow my own will.
When I should honor and trust You, I serve myself.
Lord, it is my chief desire to bring my heart back to Thee.

AGO: Wisdom Commentary the Book of Ruth, Stephen Davey; from The Valley of Vision in Chuck Swindoll, Intimacy with the Almighty Prayer

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